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School Profile

Wembley Elementary School

9601-96 Street, Wembley, Alberta

Junior Kindergarten to Grade 3, with a current enrollment of approximately 185 students. View our staff list

Special features:
Nine classrooms featuring new furnishings and SMART boards are organized around a central library, all with "active seating" including wobble stools and rockers. The school includes a sensory room where students can regulate, a learning lounge with white boards and multi-functional seating where students can work on projects, a full-size gym, and a small school store. The playground has been updated to provide safe outdoor areas for students to enjoy. Students have access to Chromebooks via mobile carts, and there is at least one computer per classroom. The school offers a Breakfast Club of Canada-sponsored breakfast program to provide students with a nutritious start to their day.

Students can receive extra support in language arts and develop consistent language when they are learning to read and write through various instructional programs. The Zones of Regulation program is used to teach and support students in regulating emotions and behaviour.  Another initiative is the play first lunch. Students play outside during the first half of their lunch break, and then return inside to eat during the second half. 

Students participate in a variety of cultural events, including our annual Christmas concert and The Seven Sacred Teachings by PWPSD's Indigenous Education Team.These programs are supported through our site budget and/or fundraising efforts. 

Monthly assemblies help build Wembley Elementary School's atmosphere. Classroom-based Hi-Five Awards recognize students from each class who excel or who have shown growth in a particular area. Every month, a classroom showcases their talents. 

The school is supported by a dedicated School Council consisting of parents, teachers, the principal, and a community representative who work together to promote students' educational well being.  The Wembley Community Society is currently fundraising in order to build a new playground for the school.


Contact us:
(780) 766-2294
Our open-door policy warmly invites parents and visitors to the school at anytime. Please do not hesitate to call or visit our school.
View our staff list. 

Trustee Contact: 
Wendy Kelm, Ward 5: [email protected]